Thursday, January 30, 2014

Portland Babies

I got to take a trip out to Portland to visit the new babies. When I was in Bend this summer, I just missed Charlotte's birthday, so she was a whole six months old and I'd never met her. Sweet Norah was just under four weeks old when I got there. It was so lovely to snuggle them. My kids were super irritated with me that they didn't get to come, but it was nice that I didn't have to compete with them for baby time. :)
Speaking of my kids, Addy held down the fort and all the kids were stellar in my absence. In fact, they did better than they do with me there. They even all got the flu while I was gone. I really missed them and now I miss my nieces, nephews and my siblings and parents. Why is this country so big? 

I captured this photo of Mt. Hood out the airplane window. Isn't she glorious?

This is Maggie and Aaron's little one - Norah.

Maggie is such a natural mother, but what else did we expect.

Charlotte is Monte and Hillary's. She is happy and sweet and everything I hoped she would be. And more. She even fell asleep in my arms three whole times. I may or may not have spoiled both little girls with lots of holding and snuggle time.

Jadon really wanted his scootering captured. He's an amazing kiddo.

Pierce and Rueben couldn't be more opposite, but they both decided they didn't want their photos taken; that was mostly Pierce's idea.

The adults had a nice visit in the evening, thanks to the electronic babysitters.

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