Friday, August 02, 2013

Fort Collins

We headed to Fort Collins to visit our friends, but the main point of the trip was to visit Colorado State University to see if that's a good choice Addy to attend in fall of 2015. Can you imagine Addy in college? It's hard for us to wrap our brains around it, but we're trying to start the brain wrapping around the concept. 

Fort Collins is a fun little town with lots to do. It's pretty flat, which makes for some fun bike riding around town. We borrowed bikes from the bike library for the time we were there and made that our main mode of transport.

stopped on the way to the park for some DQ.

Uzziah is the sweetest little guy ever. I SO could have kidnapped him. Here, ice cream makes him happy.

and when it's gone, he's sad.

Henry absolutely loved having five boys to play with. When one was busy doing something else, he would just play with another one. I think he had a lightsaber hanging from his pocket the entire time, just in case a battle was needed.

and this was the time he was nearly put on the black market. he's such a dr. jekyll/mr. hyde type kid.

we stopped at a brewery for lunch, a little corn holing, and a brew

Kate wanted to adopt Uzziah, too. He was her first diaper change and he only had a minor diaper wedgie.

rode off to Old Town, which is basically built around the University, let the kids look around in the toy store, bought some giant cookies and played in the fountains, even though it was only about 73 degrees. It's all fun and games until you have to ride your bike the 3 miles back to the house in wet clothes.

sometimes, when there are 8 kids in the house, the adults need a little quiet time and we stick the kids in front of a movie.

We visited the Discovery Museum, but managed to coordinate our visit on free day. So, pretty much the rest of Fort Collins was also there with us. The tornado tunnel was a fun thing for my kids because we have one in our mall in Minot. They always ask me to let them do it, but it's a couple dollars and since it's so windy here all the time, I always tell them just to step outside and save me the cash. Once they stepped inside this one at the museum, I'm pretty sure they realized I was right.

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