Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Lake

and here are the other photos that I have on my laptop, currently. These are from our trip to the lake this last weekend. A friend of mine let us use her family cabin for the weekend and we had an amazing time. We couldn't stop marveling at how nice it was to just hang out, have some boat rides...the simple things in life. We are working on a summer bucket list and it has caused us to be much more intentional about our downtime this summer. We are having a blast and will all agree its the best summer ever. This was one item on our list - camping at the lake. We intended it to be tent camping, but when the cabin was offered (boat included), we jumped at the chance. Can you blame us? The weather wasn't great, but it didn't dampen our time...nope not one bit.

When we arrived, my friend and her kids were there and the sun was out. The kids jumped right into the lake. About an hour later, a thunderstorm rolled in.

after the thunderstorm, the littles went out and made some sort of root stew. apparently it had to sit for days because Phil dumped it out on the last day and some sadness ensued.

Henry loved the toddler-sized life vest the most

We had this typically-busy lake to ourselves since we picked the weekend of the State Fair (its held in Minot) to go to the lake. Accidental brilliance is the best.

Tubing behind a pontoon boat that only goes about 15mph was perfect for my cautious children. One of them (I won't mention any names) would only go about 5-8mph. Her name rhymes with late.

apparently, dock-side refueling is a thing.

Piper is a great boat captain.

S'mores were obviously on the docket.

Again, Kate got ahold of the camera and took photos of Henry getting ahold of a Minecraft sword.

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Looks like fun!