Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bend, Oregon

Oh, my long-neglected blog. I woke up very early this morning and thought about doing some finanacial stuff for my business and then was going to run. Instead, I decided to sit and troll the Interwebs with my coffee and update my blog. I don't have many pictures on my laptop, most are at work, so here's what you get. 

Phil recently started a new job, so me and the kiddos went out to Bend for my nephew Joel's wedding. Here we stopped to get a picture with the gorgeous Columbia River.

It was windy, so we decided to use it to our advantage

Fitness is a new addition to my life and Mollie is also workin' out like a boss, so we did morning workouts together. We did partner planks and the girls had to join in. They may or may not look cuter doing theirs. 

The Old Mill district in Bend is fantastic. Really fantastic. I got super homesick while there.

We made quite a spectacle of ourselves, so we pretended we were a family parade.

Jadon conquered a rock. Actually, Jadon conquers everything.

This sculpture is a Bend landmark, moved from another park. So, squeeze the kids on it, we did.

Oh, Bend, you are gorgeous. 

This fantastic playground was just around the Bend (like the pun?) from Old Mill. It was such a treat to watch the kids play together, connecting as if they always do so.

more rock conquering

Seriously, with this kid. He is the most mischievous child I have ever been around. He also has more charm in his dirty fingernail than most people will amass in a lifetime. He would do anything, and I mean ANYTHING for a turn with your phone.

He quickly learned that this trick is a sure-fire way to get some phone time. By the end of the weekend, I would just look at him and he would cross his eyes and give me a coy smile.

All dressed up for the wedding. Getting three families, including three women and eight children ready (and one dad) was quite the sweat-inducing feat.

my beautiful Addy

Hard to believe this looker was released from a 14 day hospital stay just three short days before this.

the next day, it was time for another walk along the river. 

"look, Mom, I'm a plaid terrorist"

almost home...I guess the "plain" states are beautiful in their way. Addy did a lot of driving, don't worry; I didn't take this from the driver's seat.

This was the view of the back seat

Kate got her mitts on the camera for a little while

I wonder what she said to him to get him to smile at her? for the most part, they fought like cats and dogs.

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