Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ski Whitefish

This is our second annual family ski trip. Each trip shows more skill improvement and lots of family fun. It also shows me and Phil how out of shape we are. Phil has some videos on his phone of me and Addy; I'll have to try to get those posted, as well, but for now here are two of the little kids. This was day two of skiing and they were showing us their skills on the tiniest of hills. We went with our friends, Matthew, Maria and their oldest two - Lila and Grace. The first ones here are from my phone. The other ones are from the photographer up on the mountain. I just can't resist pictures of my kiddos.

 The beautiful town of Whitefish. Told the kids to stand in the middle of the road like a good Momma.

Lila and Grace warm up with a shared cup of hot cocoa

the second and third days were pretty much full whiteouts. Makes for some pretty hard skiing.

 I started the third day with a run with my Bacon

 Last year I saw these at the restaurant and I didn't order them. I've been obsessing about them ever since and they were everything I imagined and much, much more.

Philly enjoys his Philly

 For about 20 minutes after lunch the snow let up and the clouds lifted a bit and we got an amazing view of the beautiful town of Whitefish and Whitefish Lake.

Addy and I skied together on the third day. She was not happy with my pace and lack of adventure. I just didn't want to get hurt.

Addy and Maria on a beautiful bridge

 and then I ended the third day with my Bacon. Love that girl.

The vacation rental was kind of a bust, but it did provide a cozy fire.

on the third day in the morning, the ski instructor walked up to Kate and Henry and said, "you girls ready to ski!?" Henry can't help it that he's pretty like a girl. 

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