Saturday, December 31, 2011

San Francisco

Just when you thought I'd abandoned my blog forever, I post the biggest blog post ever. There are two reasons why I never post:
1. Life is too busy
2. The majority of the photos I take of our lives are with my phone

Because of the second reason, I just bought a scrapbook that I can put cell phone photos in so we at least can look at them, but that doesn't help you much. So I'll try...don't hold your breath, though.

We ended up doing quite a bit of traveling this year, but our big trip this year was to Phoenix and San Francisco. Phil and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in July, but we couldn't get away to celebrate until October. We flew the whole family to Phoenix and then left the kids with Dave and Bev for a weekend. They show the kids a great time with their backyard swimming pool and a trip to Golf Land. We came back from San Francisco and then we took a trip down to Tombstone in their RV. We toured Tombstone and also took a trip to Kartchner Caverns...and enjoyed more pool time. It was a great trip.

Kate was my travel partner on the plane. I love this girl.

 Dave and Bev took us from the plane to Scottsdale and our first stop was the Sugar Bowl. I love that place.

The Dude loved that place and finished off all the leftovers with vim and vigor.

 Can we please go back to this moment?

The Rock in the background

 Chinatown, obviously.

 Phil's classique look
 The view from our hotel room was aaah-mazing. Problem with that, was the steep decline every time we left the hotel and subsequent incline back to the hotel. It was a near-death experience for me and we took a lot of cabs, buses, cable cars. There was tons of whining.
 Alcatraz was so interesting.
Was this Al Capone's cell? I can't remember.

 We hired a photographer to get some photos of the two of us, in spite of the rain it was fun for both of us. I love my man.

and then we hired a photographer to get family photos in Phoenix, they favored Henry, but who wouldn't. 

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