Saturday, February 05, 2011

Henry's 7th

Either Henry is faking it in these photos or he had an amazing time for his birthday. We tried to keep it simple this year; poor guy just happens to have a birthday every.single.year on January 10, right after the holiday madness. Anyway, Minot happens to have the incredible gem of Pizza Planet, which is the coolest thing to Henry because it is straight out of the Toy Story movie, his all-time favorite movie. The place is actually called Planet Pizza, but don't tell Henry that. Actually, if you tell him that, you'll argue about it for a while until you finally give up, because he never will.

So...he invited one friend, Jo, whom he adores - and Jo's sister joined the fun. After that, we made it back to our house for gifts and Batman cake. I love my expressive boy.

Two reasons for this photo: 1) My Grandma and Grandpa and Nan often ask me to put more photos of myself on here. 2) I won a boat-load of tickets because I figured out the train game. I won enough tickets to purchase an all-expense paid trip to the Bahamas. hmm...that last part might not be true.

Something about the way Henry is looking at Phil is just awesome to me.

Part of the deal with Henry's birthday was that we would spring for the Galactic sized pizza, not realizing that it has a galactic-sized price tag. It fed us for three days.

I ordered the Batman cake from a local bakery. I was surprised at how ghetto it turned out, but Henry loved it.

Yup, that's my son kissing bubble gum.

At some point it got so exciting, he had to get on top of the table.

Where did my baby go?

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David said...

Such a happy boy. Life is just one party after another. The red mustache just tops the whole thing off.