Friday, December 24, 2010

Wax On; Wax Off

Henry started Taekwondo this summer and the girls thought it looked like so much fun that they started doing it a few months later. I'm all for it because it's something you can do year-round and all the kids go to the same family class, just one shuttle trip. This particular class, Kate was testing for her orange belt, which is why I have the most photos of her. Plus she was in the best position for shots. Addy, was in the worst. Poor Addy, I just don't love her as much, I guess.


Kirsten said...

I love the mix of emotions on Kate's face. There's some definite concentration, but then there's also a few with her classic smirk. Love it! Miss those kiddos like crazy!

Melody said...

Awesome. They look so cute. I'm sure they enjoy "practicing" on each other.