Thursday, December 23, 2010

Girls' Trip 2010

Man, I love my girls. We had an awesome, awesome girls' trip this year. We decided to head for Grand Forks this year since there's a military base there and we can stay in temporary lodging and have a kitchen, tv and dvd player and two bedrooms all for about half the price of a hotel. Also Grand Forks has a really great water park at one of the local hotels; that was the deciding factor. We brought lots of girl movies to watch (even one Oscar-worthy Barbie movie), lots of candy, root beer floats and nail polish. The one downer was the brand-new puzzle we bought that was missing at least 10 pieces. Very uncool. Very.

There was even a bed for the girls' dolls

 root beer floats and silly straws are a great mix

No girls' trip is complete without some funny face photos. My girls are the best. 

root beer floats, popcorn and chick flicks are also a good mix

 puzzles with missing pieces do not make me happy

super duper manicures means I missed my calling in life

There are no waterpark pictures because I actually got in the water with my girls. THAT'S how much I love them.

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