Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Montana Christmas

We met the Treits in Montana for Christmas. Today is our last day and we had an amazing trip. We struck gold with the house rental we found; it's an 8000 square foot house with four fireplaces, two master suites, two jacuzzi tubs and tons of room for the kids to spread out. We went skiing two of the days and the rest of the time hung out, played games, played in the snow, ate good food and caught up. Celebrating Christmas with them was awesome; both of our families used the same book for Advent this year and we were able to finish up our Advent celebration together. Too bad it has to be over.

Kate was really, really tired in the jacuzzi tub

Elise was so enraptured by the dogs that she had to go to a pet store on Christmas Eve to get them poodle-sized squeaky tennis balls.

Lauren sharing her new mp3 player with Kate.
Addy got dog clothes for Christmas and then we had to have a fashion show, of course. There were even dog pjs for Christmas eve.

Kate got an Easy Bake Oven; Elise helped her learn how to use it.

 I didn't bring my camera skiing, so I just have a few phone photos. My battery went dead, so I couldn't get one of Addy or anyone else. It was gorgeous up there. We're all addicted to skiing now; the kids did awesome.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wax On; Wax Off

Henry started Taekwondo this summer and the girls thought it looked like so much fun that they started doing it a few months later. I'm all for it because it's something you can do year-round and all the kids go to the same family class, just one shuttle trip. This particular class, Kate was testing for her orange belt, which is why I have the most photos of her. Plus she was in the best position for shots. Addy, was in the worst. Poor Addy, I just don't love her as much, I guess.