Monday, October 11, 2010

Punkin Patch

While Phil was taking a final, I took the kiddos to our new local pumpkin patch and corn maze. Pumpkin patch was fun. Corn maze was annoying. Whoever designed it had a very good work ethic and we finally just resorted to cutting through rows of corn to get to the end. We went a little over the top with our pumpkin purchases, but at least when I give people directions to my house, I can just tell them to look for the pumpkins.


Melody said...

Looks like fun! Henry is so cute. Did Addy get her braces off? The jumping, holding hands, cheek them all.

Netsy said...

Addy looks so grown up and her beautiful teeth make her smile even more attractive. I can't believe little Kate has such long gorgeous legs. Henry is adorable as well. Thanks for sharing!