Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I figured there's no time like the present to dust off the old blog. It's been a busy summer - too busy - and now we're staring another North Dakota winter in the face. For now, we'll enjoy the two weeks of fall that ND affords.

As I was looking through my June folder, I expected to find twelve personal photos, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a few more.

First set of photos here is from when Addy went to camp/we bought a new van. Addy was scheduled to go to Bible/horse camp for a week and, fortuitously, our van also decided to go out around that same time. We decided to buy a van in Fargo and make a weekend out of the deal since Addy needed to be dropped off near Fargo on Monday. We drove the trusty Buick across the state, and Kate enjoyed some time in the middle front seat. It was also our first road trip with the dogs, which proved rather stinky since they didn't want to go numero dos in route.
Phil had to go back home to do homework after we bought the van, so the kids and I stayed on base in Grand Forks. We found this waterpark - kids had a blast.

While Addy was gone I took the little kids to make pottery. There isn't much to do in Minot, so they're pretty easily amused. Painting pottery is their new-found favorite thing to do and, if they have anything to do with it, everyone will get a piece of art for Christmas.

and these are the finished pieces. what did I tell

and our new van...ordinary, blue, run-o-the-mill van

Second set of photos was from a trip to our little zoo, one of the only other things to do here. It takes just about an hour or so to make it through the zoo, although I took Kate and Henry once while Addy was at camp and we made it through in a record 45 minutes. It's always a good time for the kiddos, though.

without fail, Henry wants a photo of himself in this wooden cut-out. Kate was helping this time.
Henry must have followed me around, hammin it up the whole time; I didn't realize how many more photos of him I have than the girls.

I'm not a vet or anything, but I'm going to say this moose has leprosy.

I didn't get any good photos of Kate at the zoo, but I did get this one a few days before that I love. It's just so "Kate" to me.

and Phil will love me more if I post this one

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David said...

OK. Clearly you are not a vet. Let's start with the basics. It is not a moose!
Great photos. Looks like you had a fun summer. Cool new van. Loved the boots, Addy.