Thursday, May 20, 2010

Matters of Business

I'll bet you never expected to see me again, huh?  I haven't abandoned this blog in my heart, although it appears that way.  Every few days I think about posting here, but then I think...I have to edit photos, resize photos and painstakingly upload them one at a time.  I wish Blogger had FTP or batch upload capability because this just feels like work.  I do like the results, though.

Another reason that I don't blog as often is because this blog shows up when people search for me by name and people search for me by name because I unwisely named my business after myself.  No matter what I do (that's why I didn't use my name with my "about me"), it shows up on Google when my name is searched.  I've removed the link to my website from this blog, in hopes that it will fix it.  If not, I'm thinking about changing the blog to only allow subscribers.  I know that's a pain for everyone, so I'm trying to avoid it.

Any gurus out there who know a better solution?

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

I think if you take the link to your homepage in your profile off this blog, it would probably fix the "issue."