Thursday, May 20, 2010

Addy had a Birthday

I'm definitely out of the running for Mother of the Year because of the tardiness of this post. Bummer!

Addy's birthday was so fun this year; she wanted a horse party.  For a girl who is turning 12, I wasn't sure how to do this age-appropriately.  Many of the horse games are for much younger children.  We got an awesome horse cake - and no, I didn't make this cake - and she spread her horse collection around the house.  That was the extent of the horse theme.  Games are more my area of specialty.  We played a photo scavenger hunt - each person had a camera and they had to go around the house and find things and then show off their finds, including photos of 20 different horses.  We played some sort of a candy game which included having a mouth full of candy, two pieces at a time which included a little bit of multicolored drooling.  There was another game, but her birthday was two months ago and I can't remember it.  Suffice it to say, it was amazingly fun.

Addy doesn't normally give her smiles out Kate-style; she's much more reserved.  Her unabashed smiling over and over again on her birthday was the biggest gift to me.

The bakery did a really good job on her cake.  It wasn't the tastiest confection, but it was pretty.

We've reached the age of funny face photos.  I'm so very proud.

Addy's three friends plus Kate - for some reason I only got photos of two girls, this is Gen.

and Taylor - I love both of these photos equally, not sure how she'll feel about them

Henry would take part in the fun activities of the party - meaning the candy game, gifts and cake and ice cream.  Otherwise he was off doing manly things.
Addy got this cool stamp collecting set from my Mom.  All the girls were really into it.

Candle pictures are my favorite

iPod from Grandma and Grandpa - in Addy's favorite color

Elliot found a good napping spot the evening of Addy's party

and Pipes, so he doesn't feel left out

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