Friday, January 15, 2010


If you follow this blog regularly, you will know the saga of the hamsters and how they were a pet offering to my kids since I was avoiding getting a real pet.  You will probably also remember that didn't work out quite as we planned.  I did lots of research about dog breeds and had second-hand experience about the toy poodle breed through my friend, Carroll.  They are a smart, highly trainable dog, they don't shed, aren't barky and they're small.  They also love people and want very much to please them.  Sounded great to us, so we found a breeder and had things sort of in place.  On Saturday we went to meet the breeder and fell in love with the puppies that were available as well the mother of the puppies.  We went down on Sunday and picked up two puppies of our very own; Piper and and sister.  There was another brother that wasn't for sale and, of course, that was the one Henry fell in love with.  Sunday was his birthday, so it was a rather bittersweet day for him: we did get two puppies on his birthday, but we had to leave his beloved behind.
This is Henry with Reagan.

The next two photos are from the first night with the puppies.

I have taken so many photos of these dogs.  They really are so much fun and seem to be smart.  They already understand their boundaries in the house and sleep through the night.  Now if I can only train them to go to the bathroom in the right place, life will be beautiful.

Piper and Kate

Noel and Addy

Henry got over it.

On our way to get the puppies, we offered $6 to anyone who wanted to get rid of their hamster.  Kate and Henry took us up on it, so we figure two puppies for two hamsters was a very fine trade, indeed.

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Harriet said...

They hardly look real! They are like perfect little cute toys! The children look so happy with the puppies.