Friday, January 22, 2010


Lots of pictures on this post...I just couldn't narrow it down further...

Our vacation in Colorado was amazing.  It was perfection.  Even though we left a day and a half late because of a Christmas Day blizzard that lasted 36 hours, it was still perfection.  It was relaxing, fun and we even saw family and great friends.  Addy and I went skiing our first day there (she blogged those photos and the camera was in the locker so we don't have many photos of it anyway---so I'm not blogging those), we went sledding with the help of a lift, went sledding old-school style, and snowmobiling.  We also sat in the hot tub, did a puzzle, played games and the Wii, ate and...spent great time with family and friends.  It was perfect.

Mostly what I have photos of from the trip is from our two old-school sledding expeditions

Kate went down the hill with her hat over her eyes every time.  It was part of what entertained us throughout the day.

Henry and his hair and smile were the other major form of entertainment.  You'd just have to be there.

Maggie?  Even though she appears to have been pretty entertaining...this was a rare moment.

although her outfit did provide lots of entertainment for me.

I made a bad choice in hats

and pants, quite obviously

kids in the snow with sleds...cute

I didn't get any snowmobiling photos, but Bev got this one.  Phil is quite proud of this shot.

The whole group - Dave and Bev, their son Dan and his wife, Beth

Phil pulled a Britney Spears

Candids in the condo

Phil obviously injected some botox on the sly.  Either that, or this photo was pre-coffee for me.

Maggie and I took a walk in the snow

Maggie and I laugh a lot together.  It's one of my favorite things.

Maggie celebrated her birthday.  She attempted to blow out all 24 candles in one fail swoop.  Nope.

I have about 10 photos just like this and still she didn't blow out that last candle.

and you know...because I'm cruel


Unknown said...

jealous. I want vacation!

Unknown said...

really? Thomas Kincade?

M. said...

a) It was a gift and I'm assuming the gifters didn't have a good selection
b) it's actually Terry Something, who apparently has a great love for tree branch shading.
c) after 1000 pieces Maggie and I did not have an appreciation for tree branch shading.