Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kate Turns Eight

I wonder if I will ever NOT feel nostalgic when my kiddos have a birthday.  Kate's was over a month ago, but thankfully there's no statute of limitations on blogging (because I have a backlog that dates much further back).  We had a celebration for just our family and then on the weekend Grandma and Grandpa came over as well as some family friends.  They conveniently have 7 kiddos that are all built-in playmate age for all my kiddos as well as some cute babies that afford me my baby fix.  All in all, a great way to celebrate Kate and what she adds to our family - lots of fun, sweetness, cuddles and most of all - smiles.  We all love her so much.

Our tradition is to let the kiddos choose whatever dinner they want, including side dishes.  When I asked Kate what she wanted she said, "I can have anything? - even Wendys?"  We compromised by having Wendys for lunch and I even sprung for the fancy Frosties.  Kate loves bacon more than any food and they have a "sandwich called The Baconator at Wendys.  840 calories and 51 grams of fat deliciousness.  Yuck. 

Not an unusual situation.  Henry is very touchy-feely and Kate loves that...except when delivered by Henry who is a little robust with his touchy-feelyness.  He also doesn't like to take no for an answer.  I see Used Car Salesman in his future.

Kate got a Barbie for her birthday and Henry is always willing to play with someone - for a time.  His version of playing Barbies is a bit more aggressive than Kate's.

and then there was the cake.  I think I may have worked harder on this than I worked on November 18, 2001.

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matt n karisa said...

LOVE the "chatterbox" shirt! :)