Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas day in the Carroll house was really fun and relaxing.  The kiddos were all very thankful for their gifts, which makes the parents happy.  I got the family the new Super Marios Bros game for our Wii; Phil and I played that for hours until we lost all feeling in our left thumbs.  We played some board games, kiddos played with their toys and we enjoyed the yummy lasagna I'd made the day before.  At dinner Henry announced, "This was the best Christmas EVER and it's STILL Jesus's birthday!"

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a photo like this.

Kate's very excited about her new "Zum Buddy."

Henry's new "Mic-Tar."

a blog post that includes Henry isn't complete without a photo like this.

Kate found the pickle this year - lots of excitement.

the aftermath.

Much - and I mean MUCH - to be thankful for.

As a P.S. I have these two random photos that seem to fit here.  "My" tree that Addy calls boring and a photo of the Beeker's parents - on our way to Phil's Christmas party.  We didn't mean to match, really.


matt n karisa said...

I don't think your tree is boring, Mandi--it's MAGICAL.

matt n karisa said...

And what's the deal with the "pickle"?

M. said...

The pickle is a tradition we learned from Germany. We hide the pickle ornament on the tree Christmas eve and in the morning, at some point, the kids remember to look for the pickle and whoever finds it gets an additional gift.