Monday, September 28, 2009


We are starting to get back into the swing of things here. School started for us last week and I'm working less, so maybe I'll have time for this blog. Now for your story...

Stupid has been a bad word in our house for a very long time. Recently, the kids asked us why it's a bad word. We decided to give them the freedom to use the word appropriately in hopes that they would use good judgment. Many conversations have ensued. Can we say bugs are stupid? Can we say that color is stupid. We told them they just can't call people stupid and if we find they are using the word too prolifically the privilege will be taken away. After telling them they couldn't call people stupid, they asked if they could call the devil stupid. sigh...yes, I guess.

Changing topics a bit, but it's really part of the story...Henry likes to spell things. He can't spell at all and doesn't know very many of his letters yet. Up until recently, he didn't have much interest. His spelling interest started with a quote from Toy Story - where Woody says to Buzz Lightyear, "You are a TOY. T-O-Y, toy!" Henry spells everything T-O-Y. "That is disgusting; T-O-Y, disgusting. " Then he realized that disgusting doesn't start with a T, so he started spelling disgusting D-O-Y.

Saturday night Henry was taking a bath with his Army Men. Yup, you read that right. After he was done, he came downstairs and said, "Mommy, the devil is H-E-N-R 9-1-1 stupid. STUPID. The stupidest girl I ever seen." Yes, you read that last little grammar bit right, too. He's my shining star.
Yes, this photo is two steps worse than terrible. I recently got a point and shoot camera so I could start getting more snapshots of the kids without having to lug my big camera around. This is one of the first shots I got with my camera - gotta love the wide angle effect. This photo may make me ditch my SLR.

Here's hoping this blog stays more up to date.


David said...

I was expecting the word hampsters to somehow be connected to that post. Then again, you were writing about the kids. "HAHA" You can always find something thats brings us to laughter with your kids. Thanks.

M. said...

Hamsters will be my next post. Stupid is right.

Unknown said...

I love Henry pictures. They always make me smile.