Monday, June 22, 2009


Terri and Bill are our fabulous friends (and former neighbors) from Germany. Their daughter, Jessica, was graduating from college (with honors!) and they were attending her graduation. Terri and Jessica had plans for two days and two nights in NYC and invited me to come along. We had a fabulous time together. The highlights: Phantom of the Opera, New York cheesecake, buying knock-off bags from a lady in a van in Chinatown, laughing at the laughably bad service in the Vietnamese restaurant, and walking around looking at the amazing sights.
First there were friends:

and there were bags:
and there were crazy Italians: and really bad service:

and Grand Central station:

and sights:
and architecture:

I want to go back. I heart NYC.


Unknown said...

Your pics make me want to either shoot more or just give up altogether.

keep it up!

Big Mark

ps. Does your neck hurt from looking up all the time in NY?

M. said...

True; I did get a lot of that angle, didn't I? Don't give up on taking photos! Still want the Idols to help me in my business.