Saturday, June 20, 2009

Elephants and Poodles

After a long blogging sabbatical, I'm baaaaack.

Amazing how you can spend so much time practicing for a show that lasts just two minutes. If you're a faithful blog reader, you'll remember Kate had her first dance recital at Christmastime and I commented on her two left feet and overall lack of coordination. She seems to have improved a bit with that, further proving that bad genes can be overcome. She really enjoys ballet now and can't wait for it to start up again in the fall. Personally, I'm happy for the rest from practices and waiting room drama. The theme was carnival of animals and her whole class was a herd of elephants, rather fitting for the beginner's class. At the last minute the teacher needed a time-filler and asked Kate to be one of five poodles in a second act. She was beyond thrilled to be chosen and was the cutest pink poodle I've ever seen.

A couple waiting shots...
There was a lot of off-time backstage, and really, I'm pretty certain that's what filled Kate's tank, rather than the actual dancing. Remember what I said about the cutest pink poodle ever? Told ya.

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