Thursday, March 05, 2009

Her Smile

Sweet Addy turned 11 on Monday. Phil and I always celebrate our parenting anniversary on her birthday; amazing that we've made it this far without seriously harming our kiddos or each other. Grandma and Grandpa moved here the week before and helped celebrate her big day.
I love her smile.

Addy's always been my sunshine, so she wanted a sunshine cake. I was thinking this would be a simple cake; turned out to be a pain in my neck. It ended up looking rather...regurgitated.


Mollie said...

Happy birthday addy! We can't wait to see you in a few weeks!
P.S. Camden thinks that she is a big sister to cousins

Miriam said...

I love that one with Addy and Henry! Man, Addy's so cool.

Wow Mandi, you must have pretty nice looking regurgitation if that's what your sunshine cake reminds you of!

Amy said...

I agree, Miriam. My regurgitation never has a smiley face on it. Even Mandi's digestive system is overachieving.

Kayla said...

Yeah!! Happy birthday Addy

~Your e-mail buddy