Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let It...Snow?

To say we've had a lot of snow this winter is an understatement. Apparently, ND hasn't seen snow like this since the 80s. I can think of many things I haven't seen since the 80s that I would prefer to see right about now. We are headed for Phoenix today to warm our toes. Brown will be a welcome change from white.
Our neighbor across the street gave us these first four photos.
1. Phil cleaning the snow off our roof
2. Our house partially covered in snow

3. Our nieghborhood almost completely covered in snow

4. Phil trying to snow blow out our mailboxes, which were completely covered in snow

Yesterday I finally decided to brave the weather to get some photos of my own. It has been unseasonably "warm" over the last few days, which created a thick layer of ice in our driveway...I fell while taking the first photo, gashed up my hand and continued to get the rest of these shots before the sun set completely. Nothing stops me from my mission. Not even blood, ice or cold.
This is our tree out front. The stake on the tree is completely covered, save about 4 inches on the top. You can't see it, but I can.

Our sidewalk. Normally there is about 3-4 feet between sidewalk and street. Now there is about 10 feet. There's just nowhere to put the snow.

Our house is the first one on the left...barely peeking out of the snow and the edge of the frame.

Some mailboxes up the street.'s been unseasonably warm lately, which gives us the joy of seeing the dirt that's under the snow. It's going to be an ugly spring.

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Miriam said...

That sidewalk photo is amazing. I don't think I could even imagine what that was like, if weren't for the image right before my eyes!