Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas 2008

This Christmas was one of the best ever for us. It helps that all the gifts we chose for the kids hit the mark and they were so thankful and happy. It also helps that Maggie came for a visit on Christmas evening. It also helps that we had our first white Christmas as a family. What else? Phil and I bought each other the same Bible. The kids all knew about both gifts and kept it a secret. The kids were also more excited to give than receive, at least for a few minutes. We also added the Wii to our family and it's provided lots of hours of family fun.
Not that our Christmas was just about gifts and fun family time. We read the Christmas story from Luke over breakfast and I asked, "Henry, what is Christmas really about?"
Henry: "getting presents?"
Me: "No...whose birthday is it?"
Henry: "Mine?"
I guess we have some work to do with that boy. I'm also realizing that he doesn't just give us rote answers that he doesn't understand. It must make sense and he must agree with it before it is fact.

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Miriam said...

Is that Phil with the star wars helmet? I wonder if storm troopers ever go to fight Luke Skywalker in their bath robes. You know, I was also thinking that Phil looked a lot like that dictator wanna-be on Iron Man.

Phil! Don't ever forget you're a patriotic American!!!