Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let It...Snow?

To say we've had a lot of snow this winter is an understatement. Apparently, ND hasn't seen snow like this since the 80s. I can think of many things I haven't seen since the 80s that I would prefer to see right about now. We are headed for Phoenix today to warm our toes. Brown will be a welcome change from white.
Our neighbor across the street gave us these first four photos.
1. Phil cleaning the snow off our roof
2. Our house partially covered in snow

3. Our nieghborhood almost completely covered in snow

4. Phil trying to snow blow out our mailboxes, which were completely covered in snow

Yesterday I finally decided to brave the weather to get some photos of my own. It has been unseasonably "warm" over the last few days, which created a thick layer of ice in our driveway...I fell while taking the first photo, gashed up my hand and continued to get the rest of these shots before the sun set completely. Nothing stops me from my mission. Not even blood, ice or cold.
This is our tree out front. The stake on the tree is completely covered, save about 4 inches on the top. You can't see it, but I can.

Our sidewalk. Normally there is about 3-4 feet between sidewalk and street. Now there is about 10 feet. There's just nowhere to put the snow.

Our house is the first one on the left...barely peeking out of the snow and the edge of the frame.

Some mailboxes up the street.'s been unseasonably warm lately, which gives us the joy of seeing the dirt that's under the snow. It's going to be an ugly spring.

Number Five

Henry turned five this month. Thankfully, for me, he still doesn't think he's a big boy. He's decided that he won't acheive that status until he's "a daddy." He did tell me recently what being a daddy will mean to him...he's going to make popcorn for the whole family, buy candy for "the kiddies" and we'll all watch a movie together and it will be "a daddy movie." He was stumped for a minute because he realized if he was a daddy then Kate and Addy would be mommies and we'd need more seating. I told him I would buy a bigger couch. He then proceeded to tell me that I would also need to buy a new bed so he could sleep with Phil and me. I guess we'll cross that bridge when he actually IS a daddy. He told me he would drive Phil's car and go to work, but Phil won't be working any more. I guess Phil has educated Henry on retirement.

The one way that he IS growing up though; he has stopped proposing to me and Phil and recently informed me that he is going to get his OWN wife. THAT'S maturity.

The first two photos here just make me laugh...and wonder. Henry calls this, "blinding mahseelf."

and the obligatory opening gifts photos...

Asher has a birthday six days after Henry so we had a joint celebration. Henry wanted a BumbleBee (the transformer, not the insect) cake and Asher wanted to decorate cupcakes. So we did both.

this is Obed, decorating his cupcake

the BumbleBee cake

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cashing In

Apparently I don't have a knack for picking out the right size pajamas for Addy. Our tradition is to give the kids new PJs on Christmas Eve. It's the only pair of PJs they get all year. Christmas Eve 2007 I got Addy this pair of pajama bottoms and, instead of buying an XL in girls' size, I bought an XL in women's size. She really wanted to wear them, so we took the tags off and let her. She proceeded to wear them all year, just cinching up the drawstring. I was very excited when, this Christmas Eve, she got her new pair of PJs and was able to give these to Phil as a hand-me-down.
The Blacks said if we posted this photo here, they would post their Christmas PJ photo. We'll see if they're a family of their word.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas 2008

This Christmas was one of the best ever for us. It helps that all the gifts we chose for the kids hit the mark and they were so thankful and happy. It also helps that Maggie came for a visit on Christmas evening. It also helps that we had our first white Christmas as a family. What else? Phil and I bought each other the same Bible. The kids all knew about both gifts and kept it a secret. The kids were also more excited to give than receive, at least for a few minutes. We also added the Wii to our family and it's provided lots of hours of family fun.
Not that our Christmas was just about gifts and fun family time. We read the Christmas story from Luke over breakfast and I asked, "Henry, what is Christmas really about?"
Henry: "getting presents?"
Me: "No...whose birthday is it?"
Henry: "Mine?"
I guess we have some work to do with that boy. I'm also realizing that he doesn't just give us rote answers that he doesn't understand. It must make sense and he must agree with it before it is fact.