Tuesday, December 23, 2008

16 Sticks

I have really avoided the notion of Christmas baking for years. It just seems like an excuse for eating more during a seasion when eating is quite easy. I can think of much better ways of making family memories and traditions. However...you don't see your neighbors in North Dakota for six months or more (the duration of winter), so, in the name of building relationships, I decided this is the year for baking. Sixteen sticks of butter later, here are the results.

The decorating day was also "jammie day." Jammie day, in definition, means every meal is a breakfast meal. Somehow that works out better for the kids than the mom. I'm still waiting for my very own "jammie day."

This shot is for all of those who so kindly commented on my last post. This is not a "Better Homes" kitchen. This is my kitchen, and I'm proud of it.

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the author said...

Those cookies look great! What kind are they all? As for your kitchen..... I bet it didn't look that way before you went to bed though... just not in your nature...