Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Best

Well, apparently I saved the best for last. As I was editing the photos from the previous post, I wondered several times that I remember taking many more photos and getting better photos. I realized my file names went from the 9000s back to zero and low-and-behold the other photos were found.
I love how my kids get so excited to give gifts and see their siblings get cool stuff. It makes me happy.

I also love the suprised face. It makes me happy.

Jammie pants that Aunt Maggie made. They made Kate happy.

Kake has Cake

Our little Kake-y turned seven last week. We celebrated with polka dot cake, a princess crown and lots of girl-y gifts. Fun was had by all.

She put up a pathetic show with her candle blowing abilities. She must get that from the Carroll side, because it's certainly not from her mother.

The Blacks came over for the festivities and Obed enjoyed Henry's newly-acquired punching balloon.

I love this one of Obed peeking around behind Henry (wearing the birthday princess crown)

All the kiddos (if you look close you can see all six)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I know I haven't posted in a while. I know it's bad when Phil even questions me about it. I have taken so many photos lately of other people's families and kids that I haven't taken any of my kids. Scandalous.
Here are some photos that I took of Addy and Kate a while ago when Phil was working late and the kids and I were having fun just being together. I already blogged the photos of Henry, but never did anything with these. Bad mother. I wonder if they'll ever forgive me. I'm saving up for therapy already.
What can I write about these two girls that you don't already know? Probably lots. Kate, aka "bacon and eggs," "keeker-beeker," and "shake'n'bake" is a total blonde at heart. The girl can't complete a task. She can't save a penny. She can't finish a chore. She never stops smiling and dances everywhere she goes. She lights the world.
Addy "peeko-reah, diarrhea" (unfortunately for her, her parents have no judgement) is a complex individual. She eats her food from the opposite side of the plate than I do and I just don't get her about 93.2% of the time. She wants to know every single, solitary detail before it happens or is anticipated to happen. She never stops questioning me about ANYTHING and never wants to stray from the rules - as long as it suits her. She also keeps things in order; teaches herself about 80% of her school and keeps me accountable. She loves me unconditionally and I'm always amazed at her awe of me. She makes my life hum and makes me crazy all at the same time. Man, is she a case.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Yesterday it rained all day, then it snowed all night and continues to do so. It is officially Wicked Windy again and it is offically winter. I think this qualifies as my first blizzard, and I don't mean the Dairy Queen kind. Speaking of Dairy Queen, it closed for the winter about two weeks ago. What's that about?