Friday, October 24, 2008


Dave is retired. He thought it would be rather funny to send me a little care package...I guess in celebration of his retirement. It was a haunted gingerbread house kit. It arrived with the following letter. I think it reads a little like a blackmail letter rather than business correspondence. Thoughts?

I decided to take part in his little game with the caveat that it will be the last. Dave...the next time I get a gingerbread house kit in the mail, you will see photos on my blog of my kids eating the stale candy and the gingerbread walls and ceiling straight out of the box.

So, we didn't want a scary house, so we decided to make a pumpkin farm. The kids grew the pumpkins. One of my favorite things about fall is candy corn, so we decided to grow that on our farm, as well.

Isn't it sad when people deface a beautiful piece of architecture with graffiti? I think these may be gang symbols. We hired the ghost as a watchman to ward off any future attacks.

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