Sunday, October 12, 2008

Girls' Weekend Episode 2

Last year Addy and I went to Paris for our first mother/daughter weekend. It was, most likely, the most impressive mother/daughter trip we will have for a long time. You would have thought that Bismarck would have been a huge let down after that, but the girls are pretty easily pleased. The weekend was full with swimming, eating, shopping, beading, singing, playing, and driving. I had a lot to teach them about Girly Stuff. Spending that much time with my daughters without distractions was not only fun, but also a great way to get to know them better.

When I say "without distractions," I should add a caveat. I must have a new seafood allergy because about two hours after a Red Lobster visit I broke out in hives, with swollen, itchy, red eye and runny nose. Benadryl took care of it, but also took my mental aptitude for the next 24 hours. If I hadn't been so worried about it, I would have had one of the girls take a picture because my cheeks looked like John McCain cheeks. I was H-O-T!

Pass the Pigs was our appetizer

Cheddar biscuits. Oh Yeah.

The Silly Pictures

The girls each got a pair of Pocahontas boots just in time for our fresh layer of snow this morning.

I liked this blurry picture too much to trash it

and no girls' trip would be complete without a trip to Taco Bell

Me...teaching the girls what's important. In this case, keeping your eyes on the road.


Melody said...

The boots look cozy!
I want to go on a girls trip.

Mollie said...

Red Lobster's my favorite!! Looks like a fun girls weekend. Can't wait to have one with my girls. Maybe some day we will get to have one with all four of our girls.