Friday, September 26, 2008


Many of you know that I was not born with any coordination. I have never been able to play sports or even do aerobics. Many times I have a hard time walking and talking...or just walking.

Kate has asked to be in ballet for at least a year. There is a great studio here in town, so we started up for the fall season. She's been attending twice a week since late August and she loves every minute of it. She spends most of her time just staring, either at the other girls, or at herself in the mirror. She is, by far, the worst at telling her right from her left and the teacher is constantly saying, "other leg, Kate." She is not a natural, nor is she hopeless, so I have hopes that she might actually have only inherited partial clumsy genes. At a minimum, I hope she can learn to stop fidgeting all the live-long-day!


Mollie said...

You look beautiful Kate! Its a Kercher trait, to look beautiful; yet have a hard time staying upright!

Melody said...

I want a copy of the first photo up on our wall. Kate looks like a natural. uncle mark