Wednesday, August 06, 2008

All Hands on Deck

I'm trying to get the cheesiest post title possible. It's amazing how hard it is to be creative after over a hundred posts.

Phil's parents are visiting and Phil and his dad decided to tackle a deck project. I decided to tackle documenting it.

It all started with a big hole

that grew

and grew

Yes, Phil really is from India (see the spot?) and, yes, that is Big Red reflected off his head.

this brings you up to current

The harsh reality is that we still do not have grass. You may have caught a glimpse of a retaining wall in one of these photos; that was our part and it is done. It's amazing how hard it is to get a Bobcat to come to our house.

Henry is always aghast when he sees a man with his shirt off. Phil doesn't often remove his outdoors. One of the work days it was especially hot and Phil decided to shock the neighbors with his shirt removal. He breathed a sigh of relief when he removed his sweat-drenched shirt. Henry was a bit shocked and perplexed at first and then proceeded to take his off and breathe a sigh of relief, purple galoshes and all.


Melody said...

Lookin good. Maybe you should plan a midnight raid and claim your sod and borrow a bobcat and do it yourselves! Phil has some military training right? Henry has some guns too, I think. And they both are tough enough to go shirtless now.

M. said...

I didn't see this comment until I had read and responded to your email. I think this idea is as good as I thought your email was funny. are smart, you build funny, cute kids...add that to your other wonderful characteristics and it's no wonder Mark snatched you up!

Unknown said...

this comment is for "the phil." i noticed in one of the pictures there is a clamp holding a board in place. phil, a clamp will never replace the good, honest work of a "friend" (if that's what you call me).

i'm hurt.

Kirsten said...

the great thing about this post is that you got a picture of phil up on your blog - for those who had been requesting one... phil and his new ethnic pursuits of being an east Indian. so much diversity in nearly, canada! win, win... win.

Unknown said...

did The Phil ever think that he IS my pastoral duty. bearing one anothers burdens is part of the deal. i don't think you could use a cotter pin for holding up the beams of a deck - but he could use a pin head like me to help.

Unknown said...

update please.