Friday, July 18, 2008

In Scandinavia

I don't remember when I took these pictures, but I've been so busy editing pictures for "professional reasons," that I never got around to these. This is the Scandinavian Heritage Park in town. Apparently we have the largest population of Scandinavians in US. I find that hard to believe...there are only two other states with lower population counts than this one. Whatever. There are Scandinavians here so they built some Scandinavian stuff. That's the gist of it.

So, I love cirrus clouds; they indicate good weather, but seriously...I was SO hot when we were there that I thought I would literally melt. I have a serious heat allergy.

It's the "you're not taking a picture of me, are you?" look.

These must be cross-country skis, and where are the poles?


Amy said...

Seriously, however many Scandanavians live there...they sure did rock out on the overgrown house-thingy. Minot looks downright gorgeous minus all that white stuff! You are so lucky!!! Hope all is well with you all...A

Unknown said...

well, now you have done all minot has to offer...except the state fair and the state fair parade.

Miriam said...

Scandinavians don't have to have poles when they ski!!!!!

I that one builiding is really cool, by the way.

M. said...

Wow, by Monday I'll have done everything there is to do in Minot. I should probably move.

Yeah, I didn't get many pictures of the 7 months of brown we had here, but I'm sure you won't be very sympathetic about brown, now will you, Amy?

Miriam - you are so joshin' me. The Europeans even use poles for walking. It's called Nordic walking or something like that and it's all the grey-hair's favorite sport.

Miriam said...

Ha! That's the best thing I've heard in weeks! I wish I was a grey-hair.

M. said...

I wish you were a grey-hair, too. Then I could tease you about that as well as your awesome Roz voice.