Wednesday, July 23, 2008


All you hear about in Minot is “The Fair.” Minot hosts the State Fair and it’s a huge deal around here. Oh – you also hear a lot about the International Peace Gardens. I heard about both things before I even moved here, from every person who had ever lived here or even heard of Minot. There is even a poster in the kids’ section in the library that says something to the effect, “A to Z in North Dakota,” this particular poster has I for International Peace Gardens. There are not posters for any of the other 25 letters. Maybe I is the only letter that is important.

Anyway…Monday was Military Appreciation Day at the Fair – free rides and food – we’re there. The kids had never had cotton candy, so they were SuperStoked about that. Because I didn’t have to pay for rides and lunch, I decided to treat my kids to all my favorite Fair Treats. I’m not huge on fried foods, so I stayed away from the fried Twinkies, fried candy bars, fried cheese curds, and fried caramel apples – just kidding on the last one. We did, however, have a funnel cake/elephant ear competition and the funnel cake won.

It was smokin’ hot at the fair that day and I seriously wondered what I was doing, but ever since the BigFair Henry says, “Mommy, you know that place you took us where we got yummy treats and rides?” “You mean the Fair?” “Yes, thank you for taking us to that, Mommy.”

That’s why.

and you never can have enough Cowboy Junk.


Unknown said...

is Addy a unicorn?

M. said...

she is. it's our dirty, little secret. She gets that from Phil's side.