Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Me

Nan told me she wanted a picture of me on here, then my grandparents said they wanted a picture of me. They want one of Phil, too, but that will have to wait another day. He's not too fond of pictures, so I'll have to catch him when he least expects it. Anyway, got a new haircut today and there's no better day than that for a picture.

Photography by Addy.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Laundry and Vocabulary

Addy decided she wanted to do all the laundry this week. She gets mad at me if I even start a load. What's not to love about this girl?

My favorite recent story about Addy...she got an American President place mat for Christmas and loves the thing. Being the black and white girl that she is, she asks, "Was Woodrow Wilson good or bad?" "Was Richard M. Nixon good or bad?" I told her that it's not black and white and that most presidents did both good and bad in office. I told her that if she really wants to know, she needs to read about each president (preferably two books from different authors) and make a judgement for herself. What do you think she did with that information? Went to the library and started with George Washington. She'll tell me things like, "Mommy, did you know that Ronald "Reegan" was an actor?" or "Did you know that William Jefferson Clinton did...?"

One thing I've noticed about homeschooled kids is that they build their vocabulary through reading instead of hearing. So, Addy mispronounces lots of words like extravaganza, "Reegan," and Nazi.

Is she weird? Unquestionably. Do we love her for her weirdness? Unquestionably.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


All you hear about in Minot is “The Fair.” Minot hosts the State Fair and it’s a huge deal around here. Oh – you also hear a lot about the International Peace Gardens. I heard about both things before I even moved here, from every person who had ever lived here or even heard of Minot. There is even a poster in the kids’ section in the library that says something to the effect, “A to Z in North Dakota,” this particular poster has I for International Peace Gardens. There are not posters for any of the other 25 letters. Maybe I is the only letter that is important.

Anyway…Monday was Military Appreciation Day at the Fair – free rides and food – we’re there. The kids had never had cotton candy, so they were SuperStoked about that. Because I didn’t have to pay for rides and lunch, I decided to treat my kids to all my favorite Fair Treats. I’m not huge on fried foods, so I stayed away from the fried Twinkies, fried candy bars, fried cheese curds, and fried caramel apples – just kidding on the last one. We did, however, have a funnel cake/elephant ear competition and the funnel cake won.

It was smokin’ hot at the fair that day and I seriously wondered what I was doing, but ever since the BigFair Henry says, “Mommy, you know that place you took us where we got yummy treats and rides?” “You mean the Fair?” “Yes, thank you for taking us to that, Mommy.”

That’s why.

and you never can have enough Cowboy Junk.


The State Fair Parade. One of the Big Events of the year here in Minot. Here we are, watching the action.
I love taking pictures of the Flag.

No matter where it is, apparently.

Yes, that is a deer head on that 4-wheeler. It has been reported that as long as it has wheels, you can enter it in the parade.

California or North Dakota? It's so hard to find differences...

Somehow I managed to not get a picture of Henry, which is a bummer because he sat there the whole time with a frisbee full of candy. Yes, a frisbee full of candy.
Here's a bonus from a couple nights before.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Safety Goggles

It's important to wear safety goggles when you work with tools...they also are a good superhero mask.
The other night I told Henry it was time for bed and this is how I found him five minutes later.

Friday, July 18, 2008

In Scandinavia

I don't remember when I took these pictures, but I've been so busy editing pictures for "professional reasons," that I never got around to these. This is the Scandinavian Heritage Park in town. Apparently we have the largest population of Scandinavians in US. I find that hard to believe...there are only two other states with lower population counts than this one. Whatever. There are Scandinavians here so they built some Scandinavian stuff. That's the gist of it.

So, I love cirrus clouds; they indicate good weather, but seriously...I was SO hot when we were there that I thought I would literally melt. I have a serious heat allergy.

It's the "you're not taking a picture of me, are you?" look.

These must be cross-country skis, and where are the poles?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cupcakes, Sparklers, and Poor Planning

The only thing more fun than making cupcakes for your friends is watching them eat them.

and then washing off in their pool

It was our first 4th of July in the U.S. since 2001, and we were so excited to shoot off some fireworks, until we found out it was illegal within the city limits. So, we bought a few packages of sparklers instead. We let the kids stay up until 11, which was when we thought the local fireworks show started. At 10:45, we were driving towards the park and saw hundreds of cars driving in the other direction. So...we drove home and lit our sparklers, only to find out that 4 packages of sparklers is really not much at all. Good thing for our kids that we wanted to show them a good time, huh? Maybe next year their parents can be better planners.