Sunday, June 08, 2008

...and That's Love

One of the benefits of our house is that we live on a slope so we have a nice, bright basement that walks out to our's also a nightmare for landscaping. We have no level surface anywhere. We are building three retaining walls in different areas in an attempt to trick the eye and be able to set up our swingset. This is the area in the back yard. Phil worked this whole weekend on the project and I worked about 4 hours. Yes, I'm a bit of a princess.

We have at least two more weekends of work left. Something to look forward to!

This is the whole crew. A guy from Phil's work came over to help. It was a lifesaver for Phil...also allowing me to only work on the project for 4 hours.

the "trench," as we so fondly call it

The bricks. Happily waiting for their new home.


Melody said...

I love yard work.
Blood, sweat and tears.

M. said...

There's been blood.
There's been sweat.
There've been tears (from Addy, of course...hormones).

Please come help us if you love it!!!

Amy said...

Look at your man...workin' that land. Are retaining walls those things we saw by the millions in Germany? If so, wow. What a project. It's going to turn out great, I'm sure. :)

Kirsten said...

I want to know how many times you sang "Brick House" as you worked with all those bricks?

M. said...

Amy - You know, I'm not even sure what you're talking about...that's how observant I am...embarrassing.

Kirsten - I was singing it as I was writing the post. It's a great song.

Amy said...

Probably more embarrassing on my part. Out of all of the architechtural and cultural things to notice in Europe - I pay attention to...walls. Yeah. Telling.