Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We experienced a true North Dakotan miracle today – perfect weather. I knew that I might not experience it again in my lifetime, so we seized the opportunity to play at a local park and ended it with a trip to DQ.

As you may have read from recent posts, spring has been a bit hesitant in arriving. I’ve am so happy to welcome it, at long last. The kids and I planted annuals last weekend – fun. We’re waiting for the very hesitant landscaper dude for our lawn. That will be a Great Day.

She actually made it all the way across. I don't think I learned that skill until I was 16. I promptly unlearned it at 17.

Henry made a poor clothing choice today.
Don’t you just love natural consequences? Henry doesn’t.


Melody said...

I love good weather! And I love natural consequences (when they're not happening to me)!

Today was not perfect weather here but it was hot all weekend so I won't complain.

We discovered that our house is as hot in the summer as it is cold in the winter. I also love no insulation!

M. said...

You're right, Mel. Natural consequences are great for others! Lame about the insulation. People think it's funny that this is my first time living in a home with air conditioning.