Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was hard on many people in America. People got kicked out of their homes and sometimes even put in jail because they couldn’t afford their rent for their house. People would find a sign that said “Sheriff's Sale” outside their front door that meant that they would get kicked out of their homes. Some families were lucky though and got to stay in their homes even if their dad or brother lost their job. It was a miracle if nobody in someone’s family lost a job. Millions of people wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt asking for help during hard times. None of them expected an answer though since so many people wrote to her that they thought it impossible for her to answer all of them.

The Great Depression wasn’t exactly a lack of food, but a lack of money. The reason for this was since nobody had a lot of money they paid each other with food. But eventually people did start to run out of food because they got kicked out of their houses and had nothing to sell.

The Great Depression was like a line of Dominos. If one fell down then it knocked down the one in front of it and it kept knocking down another and another until eventually it went to people’s front doors with the “Sheriffs Sale” sign. The Great Depression was a very hard time in this point of history.

Written by Addison H. Carroll
On May 16, 2008
don't you love Addy? I love the thing at the end about the dominos going up to the front doors with the sign. She made that up. She's awesome.

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This is great, Addy!