Friday, April 04, 2008

Baby Love

You might be asking yourself..."didn't the Carrolls get enough baby love??? If you're asking that, you don't know us well. There is NEVER enough baby love...

So, we had the awesome chance to meet Lucy and Charlotte and we snagged the opportunity. We have been dying to get our grubby mitts on those little girls and to see the rest of their family, too. We had a short-but-sweet visit with the Treits and I snagged a couple of snaps of their adorable family.

This is Lucy Goosy, as I call her
Kim says Charlotte always has a worried look on her in this picture I'll have to concede...however, I think Kim will have to concede that Charlotte is not one bit worried in the next shot.

Addy fell in deep smit with these little girls. She wanted us to move to Washington just until they are grown. That's not much to ask, is it? She was so pleased that there was always one baby to hold, feed, burp, play with, talk to...

and here we have the obligatory kissing baby shots...those bald heads were just made for it!

even Henry got in on that action!

Addy tried to snap a shot of me lovin' on Lucy, but Lucy wasn't loving me at that moment. I'll blame Kim, though, because she was trying to "help" Lucy look happy for the camera...problem was...she was also holding Charlotte at the time and Lucy wasn't lovin' that!

And the other kiddos...Addy and Elise had a great time together, but the pinnacle was when they got to help cook dinner and were able to fit some nice chatting in.

Sweet William who I didn't take enough pictures of...he and Henry had a good time together, considering their ages and gender.

Kate and Lauren had an amazing time together. Kate was so sad to say goodbye and is nagging me about "next time." They were a perfect fit, down to their matching PJs!

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Harriet said...

Oh, MY! Those babies!! You are so lucky that your photography gives you the chance to get close to so many lovely babies and children (although it looks as if this was a visit with friends). Jealous! Harriet XXX