Friday, January 18, 2008

Role Reversal

I realize they're a bit artsy, but I needed a picture of me for my new website. We settled on the non-artsy one; the last one, in the end. It's not often I'm on this side of the camera and I have to say, I like my usual position much better. A few have commented on the fact that I'm not often featured in this blog, so this will hopefully count for quite some time.


Amy said...

So, I'm here with the "big kids" and they have some comments on your new blog entry....

Blythe: "You look different!"
Calihsta: "You look good in your new, straight hair. I've never seen you like that."

Amy: "Yo, where are the infamous Mandi-curls? The source of my entire hair envy? Your straight "do" looks very pretty and fresh. Was it time for a change? Alas, my options are short straight, long straight or bald. Pretty limiting.

Anonymous said...

What a very pretty Mom! I'd also go with the third photo.