Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beds, Baths, and Beyond

Addy's room The girl LOVES horses...and American Girls

Her Polish tea set

She also LOVES to save everything...just look under the bed...argh...

The downstairs bathroom; aka Addy's bathroom
I don't think there's a picture of the laundry room anywhere on this's small, but the cabinets!!! I'm in love...

You guessed it - Kate's room!

Actually, Henry sleeps in this room, too. Neither of them want to sleep alone, so the bunk beds work to their advantage. They were falling asleep in the same bed for a while and then we'd move Henry up when we went to bed. Now they've graduated to being able to fall asleep with five feet of separation.

Henry's room - or the place where his clothes and toys are kept

Main bathroom

Our room

master bath

and the ice that is on the INSIDE of our windows. The difference between outdoor and indoor temperature is so great that the windows ice up. Currently it is -14 outside. When I got up this morning it was -23. It's about 5-10 degrees colder on the base and with the wind chills it was around -55 below yesterday.

...I'm dreaming of warmer temps...


Anonymous said...

You did such a wonderful job in setting up and decorating your new home. Everything looks so nice and cozy and neat. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...'s warmer here in Kentucky...and...Josh is leaving in June for seven months. Wanna come visit??? You can thaw out!

Amy said...

Every knick-knack in place, every color looks wonderful! I bet though, you are happy to have that space in your mind finally free to think and do other things!!!! Beautiful. Yay, you and Phil! I KNOW that was alot of hard work.