Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Beds, Baths, and Beyond

Addy's room The girl LOVES horses...and American Girls

Her Polish tea set

She also LOVES to save everything...just look under the bed...argh...

The downstairs bathroom; aka Addy's bathroom
I don't think there's a picture of the laundry room anywhere on this's small, but the cabinets!!! I'm in love...

You guessed it - Kate's room!

Actually, Henry sleeps in this room, too. Neither of them want to sleep alone, so the bunk beds work to their advantage. They were falling asleep in the same bed for a while and then we'd move Henry up when we went to bed. Now they've graduated to being able to fall asleep with five feet of separation.

Henry's room - or the place where his clothes and toys are kept

Main bathroom

Our room

master bath

and the ice that is on the INSIDE of our windows. The difference between outdoor and indoor temperature is so great that the windows ice up. Currently it is -14 outside. When I got up this morning it was -23. It's about 5-10 degrees colder on the base and with the wind chills it was around -55 below yesterday.

...I'm dreaming of warmer temps...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Role Reversal

I realize they're a bit artsy, but I needed a picture of me for my new website. We settled on the non-artsy one; the last one, in the end. It's not often I'm on this side of the camera and I have to say, I like my usual position much better. A few have commented on the fact that I'm not often featured in this blog, so this will hopefully count for quite some time.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Home

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of the house. We just got new furniture, so I figured now is the time while it's still stain and scratch free! Don't worry about the white couch; those are slipcovers so it's washable...

This is the beginning of the downstairs pictures. This is my craft closet.

So, if you look at what's written on the chalkboards, it looks like I love Addy less than the other kids. Actually, all the kids requested that I write those things on the board, really...

Nice tongue, huh?

The toy cubby

My studio

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eat Cake...on Henry's Birthday

We celebrated Henry’s 4th birthday today amidst chaos and excitement. The girls and I decided months ago to throw Henry a Diego party (that’s Dora the Explorer’s cousin for those who don’t know). I bought the cake pan, icing colors, paper plates and most of the gifts were centered around a Diego theme, complete with two “Rescue Packs” and a “Video Watch.” Those are Diego’s super-duper tools that help him rescue animals from the rain forest…

So…I have been sick for the last two days and have not felt like doing anything, let alone make a Diego cake that required at least 20 color changes and was WAY more work than any cake I’ve ever made. I think there’s something seriously wrong with me. Why do I set myself up for these things…specifically, why do I spend ALL day on a cake that will be consumed in 10 minutes? Why do I put so much work into a cake for a boy that eats cake off the counter by the fist-full (yes, he did that yesterday to the first cake, a failed attempt) and carefully licks scalloped edges off a completed cake (yes, he did that too…today)? It’s anyone’s guess…

Anyway, Henry had a good day. Addy was in charge of games and crafts and she did some fun stuff with Kate and Henry. Henry loved all his toys and was SO excited to open his gifts. I think he’s more intrigued by unveiling the surprise than with actually acquiring new things. Weird.

So, about the Diego cake….don’t look too closely. Yes, it took me all day, but it has MANY errors. I call him “special needs Diego.” He has some sort of weird skin color variation on his face and I think his fingers are upside down. Oh well….Henry thought he was great and I cut that rescue pack strap right out of the middle of his body for Henry to eat…he also ate the video watch. It’s great to be four.

The Resue Pack!