Sunday, December 23, 2007

Nearing the End

Wow! The basement looks like it's a part of the house now! The carpet was installed Wednesday and Thursday, the electrician finished up on Wednesday and we painted and installed trim work before all that. These pictures were taken on Friday and now there is paint in every room except the studio. We need another gallon for that, so it will get done tomorrow, most likely. Next pictures you see will be of a finished project...SO exciting!!! We are going to work on moving Addy into her room today, but Phil has to put a final coat of paint on the trim work first.

This view is of the area we finished underneath the steps. We'll keep toys here, but it will also make a great play house or fort. Right behind me in this picture is the utility room - an unfinished room with the furnace, circuit breaker and big shelves Phil and his dad built in their spare time...

This picture shows a doorway on the right that leads to the utility area and the play area. On the left of this picture it shows the bathroom door and Addy's door.

This is a shot from right inside the door of my studio.

View from the window in my studio

Looking out of the studio into the family room.

Our lovely tree...

The bathroom. It now has a cabinet, counter top, trim work and paint. The plumber comes on the 26th to finish up.

This is Addy's room. I'm standing in front of her closet.

Addy's room from the window's perspective

From the sliding door...I just wanted to give perspective for where things are...

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Maggie said...

It is so beautiful. Happy Living.