Friday, December 07, 2007


The drywall is up in the basement and the taper/texturer guys are here today....progress!!! Phil and his dad put in five FULL days on the drywall and did an excellent job. Next we have to put in all the trimwork, i.e. moulding, doors, window sills and then paint and then get the flooring installed and then paint again...(colors)
It looks like everything MAY be finished around Christmas, or a few days after.

Addy's room (you can see her closet on the right)

Addy's window

Family room...behind the plastic is the bathroom on the left and the stairs on the right and straight through is Addy's room. The closet you see is where my craft stuff will find it's home.

Window and door in the family room

Lame picture of my studio...

The bathroom has to have special drywall because of the moisture level


Anonymous said...

Wow!! I am REALLY impressed with how much you have accomplished!! You have done an incredible will be wonderful when done!!
Love, Mom

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