Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All About Kate

Kate turned 6 last month. She’s reached that all-important age where she realizes she has a natural sense of humor and now she isn’t funny anymore because she tries too hard. It’s a sad thing…

Kate loves people. She likes to listen to what they say, watch what they do and mimic everything. It’s a scary thing. She is forever asking me if she’s allowed to say things that she’s heard from actual humans or from movies. Things like, “Can I say ‘what the devil?’” Umm…NO! “where did you hear that, anyway?” I can always count on her to remember details about the appearance of things, but just don’t ask her where anything is because her immediate answer (without any time for thought) is “I don’t know.”

If you were to ask Kate about the most important things in life, one of her answers would undoubtedly be: beauty. I wonder what God has in store for her with that…She thinks that Addy is among the most beautiful in the world and we can sometimes catch her staring in adoration at her older sister. It’s a sweet thing.

Kate has been counting down the days until Christmas for over 30 days and remembers every day how many are left, even if she skips a day, but ask her to remember what you JUST told her to do and you’re out of luck. I guess it’s a kid thing.

Kate always, always has a huge smile on her face and that’s a good thing.

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