Monday, November 12, 2007

Things My Kiddos Say...

Kate – “Mommy, are you fat or skinny?”
Me – “What do you think?”
K – “Well, when you wear that sweater you look fat.”

Henry – “Mommy, can we ‘gree’ on another movie?”
Me - “Okay, as long as you agree.”
Henry – “Kate, let’s ‘gree’ on Diego!”
Kate – “I don’t want to watch Diego; let’s watch Paddington.”
Henry – “No, I want to ‘gree’ on Diego! ‘Hememmer,’ (remember) you like Diego!”
(do you think he gets the concept of agreement?)

Addy – “Mommy, I saw this big, huge tumbleweed yesterday. It was as big as you!”

- by the way...finding tumbleweeds is our new form of entertainment


Anonymous said...

Priceless...last night I was sitting at the computer and Malachi put his hand on the chair as I stood up. Then I sat on it and he laughed. Then he said, "put a big one on my hand." Sigh!! Mom

Amy said...

Sounds like Henry is mastering the fine art of persuasion!...Which, of course, will work in his favor when he gets married. Love the girls' comments - Addy's really gave me a chuckle. We miss you all and hope you are settling in wonderfully!