Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Painted House

Welcome to our new home...we closed on the house last Tuesday and painted for 23 hours over a period of two days. Thursday morning the first set of movers came with our largest shipment, which was VERY overwhelming. We spent all weekend working on the house, just in time to get two more shipments on Monday, which sent me into panic mode all over again. The house is fairly in order at this point, but the garage is another story. The first floor of our house is 1500 square feet and the basement is a nice, walkout basement with lots of windows and another 1500 square feet, roughly. Addy's room, the family room/school room/craft room, bathroom and my studio (5th bedroom) will be down there. For now, we are all squeezing into the first floor...thus the messy garage. Phil's parents arrive on the 18th to help with the basement and I hope it will be done by Christmas. The temps are getting cold here already and the wind makes it colder. It is beautiful and sunny here every day, though, and the lack of clouds is a welcome change from Germany and, before that, western Washington.

In this picture you can see the kitchen, living room and out the front door. I'm standing in the dining room and behind me is a sliding door that will eventually go out to a deck.

I am absolutely in love with this house. Everything is exactly the way I wanted it and I'm so happy!!!

the door to the right of the front door is the garage door and in between the garage and the kitchen is the laundry room (I didn't get a picture of it, but it's the same color as the main bathroom, green).

This portion down the stairs is all that's finished. If you go through the doors or around the corner you see only studs and concrete.

so, the kitchen and dining room are a yellowish color. The living room is medium taupe and the entry/hall/downstairs/Henry's room are just two shades lighter than the living room.

Main bathroom...

master bath...same color as the stripe in the master...

Phil wasn't so sure about this chocolate brown color. Brown is my "signature color" and I was VERY sure about it. I absolutely LOVE this room and Phil is fond of it now, as well. The furniture in the room makes it look AMAZING, if you're not sure, just ask me! :)

Kate's room...the wall with the window is a very light green. I'll update all this later once the basement is finished and we're not sardines in the house...

Henry's room...


Amy said...

From Calihsta: "I like your bathroom, because it's very GREEN!..."

Blythe: "I like everything in your house. Except, it's probably a little tooo big."

Jonah: "I like Kate because she's so nice."

Amy said...

Oh my word. Excuse me for a moment as I weep uncontrollably on my keyboard. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations on the lovely addition to your family! I'm still quite nervous to be a homeowner - but looking at you guys gives me new hope. Had to laugh at Blythe's comment -- the poor kid has totally adapted to shoebox livin.

BardLover said...

I love your new house!!! Now, I want a chocolate brown room too. LOL

I never knew Phil was from Rome. We spent two winters there -- way too much snow for this little Texas gal!

Anonymous said...

Mandi, I love the color throughout the kitchen and family room! What color is it?

Also, I bought the 20D a while back and just got a portrait lens and flash! Thank you again for all your advise and time as I prepped for this big decision. So very excited for Kim T. to get a Canon SLR, too!

Kim Scalph