Friday, August 10, 2007

Visit with the Speeds

Our awesome friends came from Japan for a two week visit. They used to live here and then they moved to the States for a little over a year and have been in Japan since October. We felt so loved for them to fly all the way here just to see little ol' us. Some of you who keep up with my blog know them and for all the rest of you...well...I thought you'd love to see such a beautiful family. We love them and so should you. :)

Erin was a joy to be around. She's such a little individual. Our favorite thing to quote was something she said the first night. Mommy and Daddy made her eat one piece of cooked zucchini and she threw up on the table and said, "Oh, I'm sorry! That's called THROW-UP." We laughed about that for two weeks solid.

Rob is 12 days younger than Henry. They pretty much ignored each other, but now Henry keeps talking about "Robby."

Just HAD to show this this not kid?...just being a bugger even though all the rest of the time he's totally sweet and happy.

Is this not a beautiful baby? This is Avery Kate. She was born last year on Kate's birthday and my kids and I are TOTALLY in love with her. I took so many pictures of her while she was here. Those eyes and that perfect face and skin are just asking to be photographed.

This is pretty much what C's life looks like...hey wait! That's pretty much what MY life looks like!

...and a raucous game of duck, duck, goose...

We had so much fun just hanging out. We had a couple obligatory 'Smore nights...if you look closely you can see all the kids in this picture.

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