Monday, August 13, 2007

Blowing out Candles

I love birthdays. When Phil and I got married he just didn't get it. He didn't know that I HAVE to have a cake. Then, he didn't know that I really need candles on my cake and not just the candles with the numbers on them, but I need as many candles as I am years old. That is a non-negotioble item.

I don't know how it started or who started it, but it's a tradition in the Kercher family to lick the frosting off your candles. Maybe everyone does this; maybe we're wierd. I don't really care. I am training my kids in candle licking. Sometimes we even double lick. Egads!


Melody said...

Happy Birthday! The cake looks yummy-did Phil make it or Addy? I usually have (get) to make my own cake!

M. said...

Both Addy AND Phil made the cake. It was chocolate with chocolate frosting. Yum, Yum!!!

Anonymous said...

You know in a world that changes so quickly, it is SOOO good to know that some things never change. I'll bet you still "snoop" your presents...give lots of hints about what you want...but HAVE to be surprised!! I love you, Mom