Thursday, May 17, 2007

Minot...Why Not???

We got back from the Canary Islands late Monday night (more about that later) and found out that we are going to Minot, North Dakota for our next assignment. We will move some time in October.

Minot has always been the Air Force base that I said I never wanted to go to and, of course, that is where we are going. God's plans are different than mine, once again, and we are just content that we are going to just the place, latitudinally AND longitudinally, where He wants us!


the author said...

It is always excting to watch how God uses things we never wanted to see happen for His glory. I will be watching this blog closely to see how your family will be truly blessed..... yea, even in ND. However, Germany will not be the same without you.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you are being philosophical about Minot, but you have my sympathy! Well you did have a nice long stay in Germany, and I think you have really made the most of your time there - perhaps Minot is the price you have to pay? Well I think that people and friends really make the place. I have also heard that those bases that are in the middle of nowhere sometimes have the best community and camaraderie. It could really be a blessing in disguise :-)

M. said...


If you read this, can you email me? I can't seem to locate your email address...Mandi