Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Canary Islands

We had an awesome time on our trip. The weather was unseasonably hot, which was great for pool and beach play. We all got tans (well, I got more freckles) and we weren't ready to go when our week was up. Sorry for so many pictures, but there were just too many good ones!

The first night we got there, we went running down to the beach and we all had our feet in the water. Henry turned to run away from a wave and fell in the water and the rest of the time he said, "I don't yike the yoshin." Anyway, the last day he got this close to the water, quite an improvement!

Phil wanted to walk to this lighthouse and it ended up being quite the trek. I hope it was worth it for him, because he carried Henry most of the way and even gave Addy a shoulder ride towards the end!

Phil made so many cool sandcastles with the kids. People would walk by and gawk at them. Before we would leave the beach, he and the kids would stomp all over them. The last day they left the last one intact.

The water was so beautiful and the sand was so nice. The mixture of those things made this the best beach out of all the islands. This attracted quite a large number of sunbathers and the vast majority of those didn't like wearing much clothing. We saw so many topless women and some totally naked men and one totally naked woman. It was really disgusting. I'll spare you more details...

The pools at the hotel. It was nice going at this time of year because the pool really wasn't crowded.

On Mother's Day we went to a park to see a variety of attractions including a sea lion show, birds and lots of other things, but the main attraction for us was riding camels. Henry absolutely loved it. Addy really liked it, too, but Kate didn't, as shown in the picture down below. Phil loved being kissed by the sea lion. I wasn't so sure about it...

Henry loved the camels so much that he asked if we could take one home. We thought he knew we were kidding when we said, "sure!" When we were getting on the airplane he said, "Oh no! I forgot to bring my camel!" Phil said, "We can't take a camel home; it would poop all over the house." Henry had a solution, "We'll put a Pull-up on it!"

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Minot...Why Not???

We got back from the Canary Islands late Monday night (more about that later) and found out that we are going to Minot, North Dakota for our next assignment. We will move some time in October.

Minot has always been the Air Force base that I said I never wanted to go to and, of course, that is where we are going. God's plans are different than mine, once again, and we are just content that we are going to just the place, latitudinally AND longitudinally, where He wants us!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

In the Studio

I had a sitting reschedule the other day and since I already had everything set up, I just took pictures of the kids instead. Henry was a total pain, but that's his call sign right now. The girls had a great time and were a dream to take pictures of. Kate, especially, loved posing and didn't want to be done even after over 200 pictures!